The PILP works on different human rights-related themes, and within each theme, many different files. Click on a theme below for more information.

Discrimination and racism

We are all equal before the law. That said, people in the Netherlands and all over the world experience discrimination. This discrimination can be based on gender, ethnicity, religion, age, disability and many other characteristics. See our files on this theme here.

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Law and democracy

Without fundamental rights like access to courts, freedom of speech, and the right to protest, we would live in a very different environment, a dictatorship. These rights need to be protected. See our files on this theme here.

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Refugees and Migration

Borders, war, arms export and colonization are all human choices that impact migration and create refugees. The victims of these choices have a right to protection and help. See our files on issues that impact refugees and migration here.

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Social and Economic Rights

Nelson Mandela said poverty is not natural, but man made. Without food, water and shelter, it is difficult to live life in a humane way. In a rich country such as the Netherlands, we see children living in poverty, families evicted from homes on to the streets, drinking water threatened, and social and economic human rights under immense pressure. See our files on this theme here.

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