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The PILP partners with universities in various ways. Students and legal clinics do research for our cases, while legal scholars work to verify this research and think about strategic options. Legal scholars participate in brainstorm sessions and act as experts in the preparation of court cases.
This does not imply that the individuals listed necessarily endorse the PILP in its entirety or the individual interests represented by each case.

Law firms

The PILP works closely with different lawyers and law firms in the Netherlands. Lawyers attend brainstorm sessions, provide legal advice, supply us with possible cases, litigate our cases and facilitate case meetings. Amongst others, we are thankful to the following lawyers and law firms listed below:


The PILP-NJCM is financially supported by the foundations that are listed below. These foundations are not involved in and have no influence on the strategic choices, the procedures or the selection and execution of PILP-NJCM case files and litigation.