PILP and ASKV publish manual ‘Stateless and undocumented migrants in immigration detention’

It is still common in the Netherlands for stateless persons and undocumented migrants to be detained in immigration detention centers with the aim of returning them to their country of origin. However, because these people have no nationality and often no identity papers, return is virtually impossible and the detention is futile and therefore unlawful.

Manual ‘Stateless and undocumented migrants in immigration detention’ (in Dutch)

In collaboration with a broader coalition, the Public Interest Litigation Project (PILP) and the ASKV / Steunpunt Vluchtelingen have started a project to improve the situation of stateless persons in the Netherlands through strategic litigation. As part of this project, the PILP, in collaboration with ASKV and DLA Piper, has written a manual for immigration lawyers.

The aim of the manual is to enable lawyers to assist stateless and undocumented migrants who are in detention or threatened to be detained and / or to provide them with additional grounds to fight the detention. The manual additionally includes a complete overview of the relevant national and international legislation and jurisprudence regarding stateless persons in immigration detention.

Read more about what the ASKV / Steunpunt Vluchtelingen does here.

Read more about the PILP dossier on statelessness here.

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