Opinion letter by PILP-NJCM on the right to housing in Tweebosbuurt court cases

PILP-NJCM has submitted an amicus curiae, or opinion letter, to the Court of Appeal of The Hague. The letter discusses the application of the right to housing in the court cases about housing evictions in the Tweebosbuurt (the ‘Tweebos neighbourhood’ in Rotterdam).

The letter explains what the right to housing entails, and how this human right can be applied within the Dutch legal order. According to the human rights lawyers of PILP-NJCM, it is important that sufficient weight is given to this fundamental human right in the court cases.

Recht op de Stad (‘Right to the City’) has published an extensive summary (in Dutch) of the letter on its website. Recht op de Stad is an initiative of residents’ groups and other concerned Rotterdammers, and is committed to a fairer housing policy in Rotterdam.

More information on the right to housing and on the Tweebosbuurt court cases can be found on our file page. The amicus curiae can be downloaded here (in Dutch).