Official launch publicity campaign and legal procedure on SyRi

The PILP, NJCM, Deikwijs Advocaten and the Platform for the Protection of Civil Rights (Platform Bescherming Burgerrechten) have made preparations for a legal procedure against the System Risk Indication (SyRI). This possible legal procedure will be accompanied by the publicity campaign ‘Bij Voorbaat Verdacht’, which roughly translates into ‘Suspected in Advance’, of the Platform for the Protection of Civil Liberties. The official launch will take place on January 19, 2018 in the De Nieuwe Liefde in Amsterdam, where, amongst others,  Tommy Wieringa, Maxim Februari and Vincent Icke will be speaking. Tickets can be ordered at the website of De Nieuwe Liefde.

The SyRI allows government departments to exchange information about citizens to detect fraud. It also authorises the government to use big data analytics to look for patterns of possible fraudulent behaviour. On the basis of data available within the SyRI, risk profiles are constructed. If a person fits a certain profile, he or she will be investigated further. Thus, under the guise of fraud prevention, anyone can be investigated without reasonable suspicion.

According to the PILP, NJCM and the Platform, SyRi holds the potential to breach the right to respect for private life and other related human rights. They will discuss this during a coming meeting with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. If this meeting does not have the desired outcome, the legal procedure will be started.

Follow Voorbaat Verdacht’s Twitter account for updates on the campaign and the lawsuit.

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