ISS Blog on Global Development and Social Justice publishes article on Dutch Intelligence and Security Services Act (Wiv) and PILP

When threats to human rights by surveillance agencies are regarded as unacceptable, as is argued is the case with the new Dutch Intelligence and Security Services Act (in Dutch, the WIV), what can be done? One of the possibilities is legal mobilisation.

This is argued by Lotte Houwing (PILP file coordinator on the Wiv file) and Jeff Handmaker (senior researcher at the Institute of Social Studies). In the article ‘Legal mobilisation in the court of public opinion’ they address the problems with the Wiv and the reasons for PILP to start litigation. They furthermore highlight the power of public pressure in restraining government over-reach and leverage possibilities for rights-based advocacy and reform.

Read the full article here.

Read more about our Wiv file here.

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