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The PILP aims to identify and address a wide range of human rights violations in the Netherlands. Our goal is to bring about lasting social and legal change in legislation, policy, and practice.

We have set out quite a task, and all help is more than welcome. Are you an expert on one of our files and would like to think along with or contribute to the PILP? Please contact us.


Application form for a potential case

As an expert human rights organisation or a concerned or aggrieved citizen, you can submit a potential case to the PILP. We will examine your application to assess whether it concerns a human rights violation we are capable of assisting with, and whether the public interest would be served by taking further action. Your case will be carefully considered and you will receive a reply as soon as possible.

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Become a member of the NJCM

The NJCM has been defending human rights in the Netherlands for four decades. Over a 1000 members do so by reviewing policies and legislative proposals, and comparing them with the human rights standards set out in international and European treaties. Furthermore, the NJCM organises meetings on current human rights issues to raise awareness around human rights for students and professionals.

NJCM Membership is open to jurists, students, and others who want to contribute to the work of the organisation. A membership offers the opportunity to get involved in the protection of human rights in the Netherlands. Most involvement comes by way of participation in a working group. The NJCM has working groups on: Sustainable Development and Human Rights (DOEM), European law, International Protection of Human Rights (IBM), International Criminal Law, Youth and Healthcare Law, Constitutional and Administrative Law, Criminal Law, and Immigration Law.

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