Hearing in court case about financial relief arrangement for care workers with Long Covid

In early 2023, trade unions FNV and CNV filed a lawsuit against the state to demand a financial relief arrangement for care workers with Long Covid. PILP represents union FNV in this case.

The hearing will take place at the District Court of The Hague on Friday 17 February 2023 at noon. The hearing can be followed online via this livestream.

The case concerns healthcare workers who were infected with COVID-19 while working in 2020, now have Long Covid and as a result have been working less, or have been unable to work at all, for more than two years. The unions argue that the state should compensate this group financially as soon as possible. These healthcare workers, who have been on the frontline during the pandemic, are now facing urgent financial distress.

Although the minister has since announced that she intends to prepare for an arrangement to compensate part of the group, these plans are far too limited, according to FNV and CNV. Indeed, the foreseen arrangement – if it materializes- will only apply to healthcare workers who fell ill in the first three months of the pandemic. In these summary proceedings, the unions are demanding compensation for all healthcare workers who fell ill in 2020 and have been incapacitated for at least two years.

Read more about the case here and find a direct link to the summons here.