Dutch state sued for risk profiling of citizens

A coalition of NGO’s (NCJM,  Privacy First, KDVP, Platform Bescherming Burgerrechten and the Landelijke Cliëntenraad) and two Dutch writers (Tommy Wieringa and Maxim Februari) have started a court case against the Dutch state to fight the Systeem Risico Indicatie (SyRI), a profiling/predictive policing system that aims to detect social fraud. This is a PILP-NJCM case, the case lawyers are Anton Ekker and Douwe Linders from law firm Deikwijs.

SyRI links huge amounts of data of ordinary innocent civilians from government databanks. A secret algorithm predicts which citizens could be liable to fraud. If the system gives a risk indication, a citizen will be mentioned in the Register Risk Notifications, that is available to a lot of government institutions.

SyRI is a threat to the rule of law and democracy. It sees citizens as being guilty until proven innocent. SyRI is in violation of fundamental human rights and the Dutch constitution.

Read more about the case in our file.

Read the summons (in Dutch) here.