Hearing at Amsterdam Court of Appeal on arms trade

Today the PILP-NJCM, Comité Stop Wapenhandel en PAX had a hearing at the Amsterdam Court of Appeal in our case on arms trade to Egypt and human rights.

According to the NGO’s, the arms trade should not have been licensed. The Netherlands has not sufficiently conducted the investigation into human rights and international law, which is obligatory when granting arms trade licences. Similarly, the government has not, or has insufficiently taken the facts of the situation into account, particularly concerning Egypt’s involvement in the Yemen blockade.

This was the fourth time the NGO’s went to court to discuss this arms trade license. Still, we have not yet had the possibility to discuss the reasons why we think the license should not have been granted. Each court hearing concerned the question, whether it is possible for NGO’s to go to the same judge as the arms trade dealer to appeal the (not) granting of an arms trade license.

We will finally get a conclusive answer on this question of admissibility.