Court hearing in Appeal on Extinction Policy

On September 21, 2017 the appeal hearing in the PILP-case against the extinction policy regarding travellers’ camps of the municipality of Oss took place at the ‘s-Hertogenbosch Court of Appeal.

The municipality of Oss had intended to evict the plaintiff and permanently remove the caravan from the site under their extinction policy of mobile sites initiative. In doing so, the municipality failed to consider his registration as new owner of the caravan and the fact he and his mother maintained a joint household. Furthermore, the municipality failed to consider his cultural rights as a traveller.

In the light of this policy a procedure has been initiated against the municipality of Oss. The extinction policy entails the intention to remove all camp sites in the municipality. The PILP is of the opinion that this extinction policy constitutes a violation of human rights as it discriminates against Roma, Sinti and travellers and takes no account of their culture and identity.

The Court of Appeal will decide on November 28, 2017.

You can find more information about this case in our file on the extinction policy for travellers’ camps.