Appeal on arms trade deal to Egypt

The PILP-NJCM, along with peace organisations PAX and Stop Wapenhandel, are appealing a decision of the District Court of Noord-Holland on an arms trade licence to Egypt. According to the court, NGOs do not have standing in these kinds of administrative procedures. The court determined that only the arms trade companies themselves could appeal issues pertaining to arms trade licences.

According to the court, EU customs law applies to arms trade licences. As such, the qualification for interested party is narrowed. This finding was news to the NGOs as well as to the Ministry. The PILP-NJCM, PAX, and Stop Wapenhandel do not agree with this decision. They argue that, according to EU law, and in the context of arms exportation to a country where severe human rights violations are taking place, they should qualify as interested parties. The appeal seeks to resolve this issue.

You can read the notice of appeal here. More information on prior proceedings can be read in our file on arms trade and human rights.