Many volunteers contribute to the PILP, often by doing legal research that informs case strategy. The PILP works with one or more knowledgeable volunteers on each case file. They organise and work along a case, helping the PILP bring about social and legal change.

PILP is a project of the Dutch Section of the International Commission of Jurists (NJCM). Many of the people who are involved in PILP were already members of the NJCM. Others have become a member of the NJCM after being involved in PILP, because they want to support the organisation or actively contribute to one of its working groups.


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Marjolein Kuijers

File Demonstration

Leonie Huijbers

File Extinction Policy of Mobile Home Sites

Mirthe Docter

File Ethnic Profiling

Eline Peters

File Arms Trade

Melisa Gonzalez

File Privacy and SyRi

Maral Khajeh

File Security

Nina Kesar

Quartermaster website PILP

Diyar Jassim

File Student Mothers

Berna Keskindemir

File EU and Human Rights

Louise Lafleur

File Lifelong Imprisonment

Julie Albers

File Statelessness

Femke Zeven

File Right to Water

Daniël van Dijk

File Integration

Merel Brouwer

File Headscarf Discrimination

Jasmijn de Zeeuw

Freedom of Speech

Amaal Mohmoud

PILP Community Nights

Soraya Oukil

File Bodily Integrity

Adinda van de Walle

File War Refugees