Advisory Council

The Advisory Council advises the PILP. The Advisory Council is comprised of prominent experts with various backgrounds in academia, law, journalism and civil society. Advisory Council members have demonstrated a strong commitment to the protection of human rights in The Netherlands.

Composition of the Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is comprised of:

  • Prof. Tom Barkhuysen, University of Leiden, Stibbe
  • Dr. Jeff Handmaker, Institute of Social Studies (ISS), Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Mr. Folkert Jensma, NRC Handelsblad
  • Dr. Eva Rieter, Senior Researcher & Assistant Professor of International Human Rights Law and Public International Law, Radboud University Nijmegen
  • Mr. Herman Veerbeek, former board member of the NJCM
  • Prof. Barbara Oomen, Professor in the Sociology of Human Rights, University College Roosevelt (Utrecht University)
  • Mr. dr. Marloes van Noorloos, Associate Professor, Tilburg Law School, Department of Criminal Law
  • Mr. Mohamed Rafik, criminal defense lawyer, Korvinus Zandt Bruinsma Rafik Advocaten

The Advisory Council consists of a maximum number of nine members, and was established by the NJCM.

The role of the Advisory Council

The Advisors operate as a sounding board for the PILP-NJCM. Their main task is to assist the litigation director of the NJCM and in thorough review of potential adopted cases. Aside from this essential role in the decision-making process, the Advisors are encouraged to advise on other questions related to the project. They take part in the Advisory Council in their personal capacity.