About PILP

The Public Interest Litigation Project (PILP), which is part of the Dutch Section of the International Commission of Jurists (NJCM), explores the possibilities of strategic litigation in the field of human rights in the Netherlands.

Sometimes alternative routes to justice have been blocked. Sometimes dialogue and lobbying are ineffective on their own. In those cases, legal action may be necessary.

NJCM has defended human rights in the Netherlands for four decades. Approximately 1000 members assist in this process by reviewing the compliance of new policies and legislative proposals with human rights standards set out in international and European treaties. The NJCM organizes meetings in order to share knowledge of current human rights issues with students and professionals.

Sometimes, however, this isn’t enough. The NJCM therefore started the PILP in May 2014 to be able to take action by way of strategic litigation.

Strategic litigation is the use of legal procedure in a strategic way to bring about certain social, political or legal changes. It can give a voice to individuals, protect vulnerable minorities, and provide access to justice for those whose rights are at stake.

The PILP’s adopted cases always have a human rights aspect, and are taken up with the purpose of serving the community.

Privacy statement NJCM, version 23 February 2021

The PILP is part of the NJCM. Read the privacy statement by the NJCM here (in Dutch).